About us

Lommel Proving Ground (“LPG”) is an extensive proving ground facility intended to simulate a wide range of road types and events, all correlated with the customer use cases.

  • Location: Lommel, Belgium
  • Very skilled team: 80 test drivers, 70 mechanics, 25 EESE/ADAS Testers and 90 engineers
  • Key testing capabilities: full durability, full corrosion, driving assistance technologies, electronics, performance and brake testing, NVH and vehicle dynamics /testing/development (+10 million test kilometers per year), vehicle quality testing.

LPG became operational in 1965, and all Ford of Europe vehicles have been tested and validated there since.

  • LPG has continuously been expanded and modernized based on market, technological and regulatory requirements.
  • In the last 10 years ~€55M has been invested in the site.